Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mum left with bleeding scalp after hair extensions applied with SUPER GLUE

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   A mother had to shave her head after hair extensions were applied with super glue[NCJ MEDIA]
Alexis Stanton was left in agony and had to go to accident and emergency after a 38th birthday present to herself went horribly wrong.

The accessories are meant to be fitted with dissolvable glue but were stuck with high strength adhesive and trading standards officers are now investigating.

The mother-of-two, from Gateshead, said: "I'm gobsmacked this has happened and I really wouldn't want this to happen to anybody else.

"I'm still in pain in my head. It's damaged my scalp. I've cried so much since it happened I don't think I've got any more tears left."
Alexis Stanton was left in agony and had to go to accident and emergency [NCJ MEDIA]
I've cried so much since it happened I don't think I've got any more tears left
Alexis Stanton
The hair extensions were fitted on June 23 when Ms Stanton asked a mobile beautician, who had previously done spray tans for her, to fit them.

She believed the beauty worker knew what she was doing but halfway through the session, done in Ms Stanton's kitchen, her scalp became really sore.

Despite being told the new hair would "slacken off" by the evening the pain was unbearable and the next day she was still suffering.

After a trip to a nearby hairdressers to have the extensions removed the next day, she was told they had in fact been fitted with super glue.

The hair extensions were fitted by a mobile beautician [NCJ MEDIA]
Ms Stanton said: "You're meant to use keratin based glue which should dissolve under acetone."

"I'd had the hair plaited in and then the glue placed on top. It was really tight to my head to the point I was in tears.

"The hairdresser asked me to ring the person who had put them in who told me it was super glue.

"It was so painful I ended up going to A&E and the doctors gave me steroid cream for my scalp.

"Immediately I knew there was something wrong. It's still red raw now."
The incident was investigated by trading standards officers [NCJ MEDIA]
Ms Stanton, who is mother to Elana, three, and Kalan, five, was left with no choice but to shave her hair off.

Northumbria Police said they are now investigating the incident and are carrying out enquiries to establish what happened.

The beautician who fitted the hair extensions sent a text message to a local paper to say she is not a hairdresser and that Ms Stanton knew that.

She added that the incident had been "grossly exaggerated".

Julie Tompkins, 44, a hairdresser at Brens Hair Beauty and Tanning, told Ms Stanton the extensions had been fitted with super glue when she visited her last week.

She said: "Alexis came in last Tuesday and asked me to take them out and I just said it couldn't have been keratin-based glue because acetone normally breaks it down and it wouldn't.

"You would never, ever use super glue. She has been left with bald spots and was in so much pain she decided to shave them off.

"My advice would always be to use an experienced salon."

Anneliese Hutchinson, Head of Development and Public Protection at Gateshead Council, added: "Gateshead Trading Standards has received a complaint from Ms Stanton and we are investigating."