Thursday, December 9, 2010

Joes Barbershop Chicago are proud to introduce their own line of customized Andis® Master ML Clippers

The guys @ Joes Barbershop Chicago are proud to introduce their own line of customized Andis® Master ML clippers. Joe’s Barber shop takes the already famous Andis® Master ML and takes it a step further with their own our process to obtain a true custom clipper. 
All custom clipper models start off as a 100% brand new clipper from Andis® . Each clipper assembly gets removed from its case with the up most care to preserve all factory settings.  Then the case gets media blasted to create a textured finish for the custom coating process to adhere too. Once all threaded holes and mounting surfaces are taped/blocked off, the 1st of many coats are applied. ALL of our colors are custom mixed to insure a truly one-off color that looks a mile deep while still being hard as a rock. After the clipper is coated it visits the oven for a “slow cure” process which insures a solid/chemical resistant coating on every clipper. Once the coating has passed inspection the clipper gets re-assembled and tested before being put back into its original box and shipped to its new owner.
As you can see from the process above these clippers aren’t thrown together or spray painted in someone’s backyard. Joe’s Barbershop has done it’s homework and made a custom coating that looks as good as it is strong. You can be sure these clippers will be the talk of your shop for years to come.
Joe’s Barbershop Chicago is currently offering these custom clippers in Six(6) different colors. Pricing for a complete/coated/new/ready to run Custom Andis Master ML is $199.00 + shipping. As stated above for this price you are getting a brand new Andis® Master ML, completely customized, re-assembled, tested, and ready to go out of the box. 
Check out the online store they created @ and tell them Hair News Network sent ya !

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