Sunday, December 5, 2010

CLAUDIA by Phil Stone Reviewed by Hair News Network

Watching Phil Stone's documentary film CLAUDIA is like peaking through a window into the private life of a remarkable self accomplished woman, who also just so happens to be a beautiful person. It is a documentary film about dedication, perseverance and determination, bravery strength and survival. It is a sweet film yet at the same time delivers strong messages on a variety of topics. Following the storyline of CLAUDIA is easy to do, but I think it's important be open to recognizing each valid message the film delivers. It's easy to get to the end of the film before realizing the complexity of the film.

Aside from the powerful messages the film subtly delivers, Claudia the woman is a gracefully nurturing artist and observing Claudia create her beautiful magic is engaging. Equally, hearing her melodic voice you can't help but listen to every word she has to say.

CLAUDIA is a wonderful film for aspiring stylists and proves achievement and great results are attainable with good ethics, hard work, and not being afraid of it. Claudia gives pride and prestige to the hair and beauty industry. addition to recommending CLAUDIA to aspiring stylists and professionals in the industry, I would highly recommend CLAUDIA to domestic abuse and violence survivors. Claudia's survival instincts and courage, mixed with her passion to live a healthy balanced life of quality and peace have taken her to the ends of the earth while recreating a life built of her own dreams, gradually cultivating an existence surrounded by people who love and adore her who are supportive positive influences, and professionals globally who respect and admire her work. I believe many people will be able to realistically relate to Claudia's genuine honesty from different aspects on various levels and will undoubtedly be touched by Claudia's journey through her struggles, hopes and dreams, to her honorable integrity and achievements. I know I was.

Thank you Claudia, for courageously letting us in and sharing so openly.

Thank you, Phil Stone, for CLAUDIA.

by Kathryn Miller for Hair News Network


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