Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Eve hair tips from Agnes Orseno with Charles Ifergan Salons.

With New Year's Eve quickly approaching, Chicago's fashionistas are often seeking the perfect venue, cocktail dress and heels to rock the night away. To make the first night of 2011 complete, Charles Ifergan Salons Artistic Director, Agnes Orseno, is pleased to offer a plethora of helpful tips on how the glam on a budget can look their best for ringing in the New Year. Agnes suggests you follow the below simple steps for flawless looks --
Much "to do" about Glamour | Orseno suggests a "to do" list should be established at least a week in advance. This should include all of the basics that make a glamorous hair-do complete. From hair color maintenance, a hair cut, shopping for necessary accessories including hairpins to looking through magazines for a game plan on the right New Year's Eve look - there's a lot of planning that goes into the perfect locks.
Primp and Prep | Orseno advises to shampoo hair the night before if planning for an up-do style. For those with shorter to mid-length hairstyles, shampoo in the morning and blow dry with light mousse to ease the styling process.
Up, Up, Up and Away Up Dos | Tease hair upside down then tie hair gently with a rubber band leaving some pieces out to soften the look. Tease the hair outside the ponytail, once again, for a "pineapple" effect, or curl individual pieces and pin them for a formal look.
Luscious Long Hair | Flip hair upside down and spray with product. Wrap bigger sections around a curling iron in the back and smaller section in the front to create a wavy sensuous style.
Marvelous Mid-Length Hair | Tease hair upside down. Flip head back, comb gently in place and spray it for a long lasting look. Adding a teasing effect to everyday style or even a headband will give a more festive finish.
Sexy Short Styles | Tease hair upside down and spray. Then flip head back, comb hair gently back in place and add a sparkly hair clip or embellishment to dress up for the occasion.
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