Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The intricate design, the attention paid to detail, the elaborate patterns and colours...we Are not talking about wallpaper here people, this is all about hair! Unless your hairstyle is extremely out there, you may have never experienced the ooohs and ahhhs of onlookers with their eyes fixed on your tresses.
ANGELO SEMINARA of Trevor Sorbie Hair Salon is not only accustomed to getting attention for his inventive looks, he thinks outside of the box to create hairstyles that onlookers can’t stop staring at.
Behold Angelo’s canvas-the head! Also behold one of his latest collections, GAME; one can see the art behind the images and the detail that is required to create something so beautiful. With hairstyles like these, who wants to wash their hair?
What does Angelo has to say about his work?
*I love combining art with hairdressing, and so this new tinting technique was a natural development for me to achieve the results I really wanted. I wanted to create something really revolutionary for this collection, and for the overall spirit of the pictures to be like fine art drawings - soft, beautiful and ethereal. My vision for the girls was to create gorgeous astral dolls!*
Angelo Seminara, International Creative Director, Trevor Sorbie

The natural world inspired this collection where snakes, mackerel, reptiles and birds are more the obvious choice for attire, but somehow Angelo makes it work for hair!

The detail in this hairstyle is amazing. Angelo captures the look of the *wild* perfectly.

Hard to believe this is actual hair and not skin from a reptile. This might not typically be the sort of hairstyle one will wear on a jaunt down the street but when evening comes if you want to be all eyes on you, go GAME!


Hair: Angelo Seminara, International Creative Director, Trevor Sorbie
Make-up: Laura Dominic
Stylist: Leticia Dare
Products: Trevor Sorbie Professional Salon X-Clusive
Photos: Andrew O’Toole


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