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Holiday Party Hairstyles - Christmas and New Years Hairdos

Holiday party hairstyles for Christmas and New Years Eve parties - curly hairstyles
for short and long hair, easy chignons with accessories and half updos and how to curl hair
with your flat iron!

Tyra Bakns Hairstyle for Holiday Party

It's always fun to experiment and alternate the look of you hair and what better excuse
that the party season for trying something different?
If it's specifically a Christmas celebration you'd like ideas for everyone, from the most
intricate creations to simple, no-fuss styling chignon glammed up with a pretty accessory

Christmas Party Updo Hairstyles

Holiday Party Hairstyles For Christmas and New Years Eves
Curls and Waves

Sexy curls and waves are undoubtedly as great party look, they are versatile and
sassy and can be personalized and adapted to suit almost any hair type or length.
Simply take section of hair, place between the plates of a narrow flat iron and turn
the appliance 180 degrees before running down the hair, curling around in the same
way as a piece of ribbon.
For more defined curls, use rollers or tongs small to medium size sections of hair
and glam up with glitzy clips and accessories.

Formal Christmas Hairstyles
Short Christmas New Years Party Hairstyles

Pump up the volume!

If you thought the oversized clutch was the accessory of the season, think again.
It's the big bouffant styles rocking the red carpet and catwalk that are making a big
on the party circuit!
Take a large section of hair from the back of the crown, gently back-comb the roots,
spritzing with hairspray. Once you have the right body, smooth over the back-combed


Bows, clips, headbands - accessories add interest to a hairstyle. Don't be dragged into 
following accessory fads, though. Quirky hair adornments may look great on the catwalk
but they may not suit you! So keep it simple and subtle and test accessories out with
different outfits.
On shorter hair - remember not to let your 'detail' take over your look; it should only
be a feature of your style. If you decide to use accessories, make sure you keep 
them subtle and avoid over-fussy curls.
Fancy Updo Christmas Party Hairstyles

Keep it relaxed and stick to a strong parting, a flash of color or a small vintage clasp.

On longer hair - the more hair you've got to work with, the more detail you can do.
Hair swept back into a half updo and secured with a corsage - or combed in a strong
middle parting for a 70s vibe - look great on long hair, as do all kinds of accessories.
If you fancy an updo, go for a low slung bun or chignon.

Holiday Christmas Hairstyles Ideas for Long Hair
How to Look Great for Christmas


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