Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 Marketing Ideas and Promotions for Booth Renters!

By: Kerri Lee
Hey BTC Booth Renters.  Has business been a little slower than you would like?  Have no fear, marketing ideas and promotions are here!  Here is some sounds advice and great ideas to help you beat the booth renting blues.

1.  Greetings and Salutations - When was the last time you stuck a postage stamp on something other than a bill?  Utilize the postal system like Shaina Cook from The Arrangement Salon in Napa, CA.  “One thing I’ve really focused on this year that has gotten me the most response is sending personal greeting cards to my clients letting them know how I appreciate them,” explains Cook.  “Since times have been pretty tough, you need to make a lasting impression on someone.  I write something unique and personal to each one of them.  And to get a card for no reason is always great!”
2.  VIP Treatment – As a booth renter, you need to make sure you are constantly booked which occasionally means you’re working on two clients at once.  Sometimes you have to fit in a quick cut while you have another client processing for 30 minutes.  Kena Brewer from The Beauty Shoppe in Charlotte, NC gives her clients the option of upgrading to VIP status. “The best thing I do as a booth renter is offer private sessions,” explains Brewer. “I charge more for these private sessions so the client has me all to themselves during their visit.”
3.  Thank You! Come Again - Referrals are money makers if you’re a booth renter.  In order to keep that newbie coming back, you have to treat them to something special.  And don’t forget to thank your referring customer!  “My clients are my biggest asset,” explains Tamara from Salon Si Bon in Kansas City, MO.  “I make sure I send new clients off with a nice goodie bag. Then, 24 hours after their appointment, I send out a thank you card to both the new client and the referring client.”
4.  Networking Nelly – In order to stay ahead of the competition, you have to network your pants off and Tamara from Salon Si Bon is doing it the right way. “I’m in a networking group called BNI (Business Networking International).  I have 40 people in addition to my current clients passing out my business cards and I have an ad in a hotel magazine that is placed in every room.  I also utilize the Welcome Wagon to send out 75-80 cards to the new residents in my city.”
5.  Friend Request Accepted – If you’re not social networking these days then you are living like the Flintstones.  “I have a Myspace and Facebook page and 70% of my friends are my clients,” says Nancy Britton, a booth renter at Trendsetters Salon and Day Spa in San Bernardino, CA.  If you don’t want to mix business with pleasure, create a separate “work” account to keep your clients in the loop about open appointments, specials, offers and discounts on retail. 
6.  Philanthropic Profits – Sometimes you have to give to receive and Stasia Howell from Jerri's in Norwalk, OH does just that.  “I donate services whenever asked,” shares Howell.  “For instance, I will give out certificates for color services or free haircuts for a year.  It gets plenty of attention and it’s a great way to get new clients into the shop, while at the same time, a great way to help out others.  I recently advertised free haircuts for those who were actively seeking employment in a county that has been hit hard by unemployment.  It was an effort to show support and gratitude.”
7.  Retail Queen – Some salons don’t offer retail to customers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t!  “My salon owner does not offer retail,” explains Laura Woodmansee from Nailtique Salon in Martinez, CA.  “However, the salon owner lets me and I get to keep all the profits!”  This is your opportunity to utilize that shelf space that’s been collecting dust and give you the “one-up” on the other booth renters in the salon.
8.  Thinking Ahead – Pre-booking is crucial, especially for booth renters.  Jane Pachura from MBS Salon in Danville, CA thinks “ahead,” literally.  “I take the time to reschedule my client’s appointments for the whole year, especially if they frequent the salon every 6 weeks,” explains Pachura.  “I book them every 6 weeks at their preferred time and day until the end of the year, and I give them the list of their appointments to mark on their calendars.  This enables them to work any other appointments around their hair schedule.  They rarely have to change appointments with me.  They view this as me taking extra special care of them and they appreciate it!”
9.  Happy Birthday to You! – When you create your client cards make sure to include their birthdays.  “I send out a postcard to my clients for a birthday special,” says Sharolyn Kane from Aspen Salon in Pleasant Grove, UT.  Not only are you giving them a gift, you are also showing them how on top of things you are.  Don’t forget to take down their wedding anniversary day so you can send them an offer to get all gussied up for a night on the town with their hubby or wife.
10.  High Demand Hairdresser – Sometimes being a hairdresser is a part-time gig which is ideal for most booth renters.  Communicate with your clients and let them know that you’re schedule is filling up faster than you ever thought. “I only work 3 days a week,” explains Brenda Bonnichsen, from Just for Looks Salon in Sturgis, SD.  “My days are full and my clients know there is a high demand for my time, so they book ahead on a very consistent basis.”

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