Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 Valentine's Day Marketing and Decorating Ideas

bullet 10 Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Small Business
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  These Valentine's Day marketing ideas are more than window dressing, and that's the point, because people won't care about your business until they know how much you care about them. Here are ten small business marketing ideas for Valentine's Day to help you build business, show people you care and cultivate customer and staff love and loyalty. [ go ]
bullet Salon and Spa: 12 Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas
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  By the time January 2nd rolled around, many US retailers had already moved discounted Christmas merchandise aside and filled their most valuable shelf space with Valentine's Day decorations and gifts. And no doubt, if you haven't already, you're now getting ready to decorate your salon or spa for Valentine's Day.

Here are twelve salon and spa Valentine's Day marketing and decorating ideas to help you get started. [ go ]
bullet 7 Tips to Humanize your Brand on Facebook
  Facebook is a personal social network, created so friends and family could stay in touch, connect, share pictures, etc. It wasn't really intended for business use (until recently). Here are seven ways to put your brand on Facebook consistent with the ways it's meant to be used. [ go ]
bullet The Art and Importance of Game Changing
  There has never been a better time to invent, create and innovate game-changing products, business models and services—and the fact is, you've got to change things up dramatically if you want to succeed. [ go ]
Immature vs. Mature Social Media Efforts
  Brands immature when it comes to social media don't comprehend how efforts work together and fail to take into account how social tactics negatively affect their brand as a whole as well as other initiatives already in place. [ go ]
How to Build a Great Employee Culture
  A healthy employee culture is a shared culture created through shared stories, beliefs, purpose, plans, language, outcomes and ownership. These aren't little things; these aren't things that you get right during an annual retreat. These are things molded over time with trust and passion and caring. These are things that evolve. [ go ]

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