Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Follea's Award Winning Factory

Follea's art is steeped in traditions nourished by the old-fashioned values and beauty of Europe. Son of the renowned René Hafid, Follea's creator Daniel Hafid is a second generation entrepreneur in the hair industry and has breathed hair, beauty, and fashion for his entire life.

We join this story in the vibrant town of Weihai, overlooking China's shimmering yellow sea in a stateof-the-art production center. It is here that Daniel has brought together not just youth and energy, but people of extraordinary talent and expertise. In our corridors you will find brilliant artisans, canny researchers, inventive designers, and savvy technicians - all following in Daniel's footsteps at the forefront of the fashion industry.

Here we don't just make wigs. We don't just manufacture hair additions.
We create, we nurture and we give new life to the most radiant and carefully chosen human hair that can be found in today's hair markets.

Our hair is treated with reverence: selected and sorted only by perfectionists gifted with the most delicate touch; lightened and colored gradually to preserve its subtlety and nuance by precision colorists; and tied strand by strand in a fusion of talented artistry and exacting science by the most nimble of artisans.

Here at Follea, while breathing life into our creations according to Western experience, traditions, and innovations, our craftspeople both live and work together in the tradition of Asia. Ours is not just a factory but a campus. And through our living we bring teamwork, shared vision, shared ideas, and a sense of family. After all, our craft, more than any other today, is one that can only be achieved by a community.

And with this, for now, we close the book on this part of our story.

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