Friday, August 20, 2010

10 Reasons to Use an AirCut Haircutter

As summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school, this is the time for Mom's to use the AirCut on their own little clients! Kids can get a great haircut from mom just in time for school pictures without mom having to make an appointment with the barber.

10 Reasons to Use an AirCut Haircutter

  1. With the average haircut costing $21*, it takes less than five haircuts for the AirCut haircutter to pay for itself at the introductory $99 price.
  2. Using the AirCut haircutter is a huge timesaver – cut your hair when you want, where you want.
  3. The AirCut haircutter lets you easily maintain the exact hair style you want – Do you think celebrities only get their hair cut every four weeks?
  4. It's so convenient; you can give yourself a trim or a haircut more often so you always look your best.
  5. Kids love getting their hair cut with the AirCut haircutter.
  6. Have to travel, but forget to get a haircut? No problem, the AirCut haircutter easily fits in a suitcase.
  7. Because of the powerful suction, no itchy hair gets on your neck or clothes.
  8. No more awkward conversations with a disinterested barber.
  9. You'll never have to sweep hair clippings off the floor or find hairs days later around the sink.
  10. No more getting your hair cut shorter than you want just so "it lasts." Same haircut everytime.
* According to American Salon magazine

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