Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bret Michael’s Cowboy Hat Most Popular in America Right Now; Designer of Custom Hat Can’t Keep Them in Stock

Rocker Bret Michaels has been seen all over TV, on Snapple bottles, and in concert in recent weeks (including last Friday's Good Morning America concert in NYC) wearing one particular white cowboy hat adorned with a black Roman cross. The designer who handmade that hat for Bret says she's inundated with orders from people who want the same hat.


Diva Amy with her Harley Diva Glide wearing the Bret Michael's signature hat
" “Since Celebrity Apprentice aired, I’ve been inundated with orders for the hats that Bret wore during his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice,” says Diva Amy Skaling, the entrepreneur who designs and hand makes the stylish cowboy hats."

You can catch the entire article at prweb.com!

Visit Diva Amy's website to order your own custom hats, too!

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