Monday, August 16, 2010

Carol's Daughter Sizzle


" Natural inspires everything that we do here at Carol’s Daughter – it defines our company culture, it defines our relationships with our consumers, and importantly it defines our approach to manufacturing our products for your use. All of our products contain natural ingredients specially formulated to bring out your natural beauty, but sometimes there are limitations to create products that contain only natural ingredients – which if you’ve been a long time customer, you let us know that product separation was a major problem and we in turn spared no expense to rectify this issue.
As a result, some of our products contain stabilizing ingredients, which will proudly list on the back of every product label. Our goal is to ensure that your experiences with our products and brand meet your exacting standards: highest-quality hair care, highest-quality skincare and highest-quality body care all while providing you the absolute best experience with our products over time. It is with profound respect for you, our consumer that we aspire to ensure ours is a brand that you love and we will continue to ensure that you will receive the absolute best from Carol’s Daughter – truthfully and lovingly by remaining Genuinely Natural. "

—Carol’s Daughter

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