Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to Clean Your (or anyone else's!) Cosmetic Brushes

Knowing the correct way to clean your cosmetic brushes is important...or did you ever even think to clean your makeup brushes? Many people don't even think about it, but dirty brushes are a breeding ground for germs and even if you are only using them on yourself regular cleaning will allow a smoother fresh and clean application of cosmetics, and save you from skin irritaions and acne. 
So here is how it is done!

What You Need:
1) Dirty Brushes
2) Brush Cleanser (check with your local beauty supply, or MAC makes  a very popular one)
3) Gentle/Mild Shampoo
4) Paper towel
5) Hand towel

Daily Cleansing:
1) Immediately after using, dab a bit of brush cleanser on a clean paper towel and swipe your dirty brush on it until the residue and dirt come off 
2) Lay on a clean paper towel to dry (shouldn't take long to dry and will be ready for your next makeup application or touch up)

Weekly Cleansing:
1) Wet only the hairs/tips of the brush (be sure not to wet the ferrule of the brush.  Water will cause the glue to gradually dissolve resulting in a brush with no bristles!) 
2) With your gentle shampoo and rub a decent amount  (depending on the brush size) into the brush 
3) Rinse until the water runs clean (if needed, repeat the process)
4) Re-shape your brush using a pinching flattening motion
5) Lay flat to dry on a clean linen towel

Most cosmetic brushes are made out of actual hair of one type or another, so simply keep in mind that  drying time is going to coincide with the density and type of hair your brush is made of, and also the extent of  depth in washing.
Here we bring you a really good and informative tutorial we found on posted by MakeupGeek. Have fun and  Enjoy!

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