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Curly Hairstyle Trends for Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Curly Hairstyle Trends for Fall/Winter 2011-2012Sporting a fabulous hairstyle is the easiest way to embrace this season's fashion trends, so if you love curly hairstyles you should definitely take note of some of the hottest hairstyle choices right off the runways. Embrace your curls or try something different with some of the beauty looks presented below.

Creating a fashionable look means paying attention to every single little detail from our style choices to our beauty related decisions. With a multitude of options ready to be explored, the latest trends in the area of beauty can provide surprising insights in terms of flattering choices.

Curly hairstyles are often considered the most eloquent expression of femininity and some of the most important high-end brands have definitely done their best to find fabulous hairstyles that can flatter anyone. Each brand puts its creative spin over the styles presented, enabling women with different style perspectives to find the most alluring styles for them.

Shoulder length hairstyles and long ones are some of the most versatile styles around, so it's no wonder most brands have chosen to create fabulous curls on these two lengths. If at Christian Dior we are able to spot subtle, perfectly symmetrical retro curls with a touch of purposeful messiness for a more modern effect, other brands have an almost opposing perspective. The 3.1 Phillip Lim brand, for example, uses contrasts between textures to create a flattering look with a modern touch.

Zac Posen
Christian Dior Roksanda Ililncic
3.1 Phillip Lim

At a simple glance on the runway hairstyles, it's easy to notice that subtlety when it comes to creating curls or gentle waves is generally the preferred approach. The fascination for sleek straight hairstyles is still going strong and curls are the ideal way to create hair volume and to soften facial features. Looks such as the ones from Oscar de la Renta or Isabel Marant illustrate this notion perfectly. Barely there curls have the power to create an elegant look almost effortlessly, so this is a fabulous option for those who are pressed by time, but still want to look their best this season.

The less is more philosophy is also endorsed by Zac Posen or Rocksanda Ilincic where alternating between casual and more refined hairstyles is as simple as selecting the right curls style. More complex approaches are not totally left aside and the fabulous updo styles that can be seen at Monique Lhullier are definitely worth taking as inspiration. Gorgeous loose curls skillfully arranged into one completely sophisticated and rather unexpected updo style can prove to be a fabulous combo for anyone who wants to impress.

From subtle retro vibes to more modern approaches, the curly hairstyles spotted on the runway have one thing in common: the idea that elegance and sophistication don't always have to be synonym with high volume, overly edgy accents or even perfect proportions. Simple, classy and tasteful curly hairstyles are one of the trendiest choices you can make this season.

Oscar de la Renta
Zac Posen
Monique Lhulillier
Isabel Marant

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