Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Enter to Win the Full Collection of PlumeSnaps

Enter to win a complete set of 5 PlumeSnap Clip-in Feather Hair Extensions for your salon before midnight Wednesday, October 19!
Feather hair extensions are the hottest trend in beauty and fashion, showing up on the cast of Glee (with Plume feathers!), Modern Family, and more. Plume is out front in quality and style… especially now that we’re offering PlumeSnap Clip-in Feather Hair Extensions to salons like yours.

PlumeSnap uses the same premium Plume feathers that you install in your salon, only with a non-slip, concealable clip, giving your clients maximum flexibility. If you haven’t yet ordered these removable highlights for retail sale at your business, you’re missing a great revenue opportunity. Your clients will love PlumeSnap for a fun, spontaneous new look in or out of the salon. Find out more.
Enter to Win Enter to win before midnight on Wednesday, October 19. A winner will be announced on Facebook the morning of Thursday, October 20.
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"On the Glee summer tour, the cast loved rocking Plume Feather Hair Extensions. I loved how well they held up and were able to stand the stress of all the styling on tour. Plume's feathers are by far the best to work with."– Monet Moon, Hair Stylist
"PlumeSnap has really helped us with our feather hair extension business. Our clients love that they can switch colors whenever they want, the Snap has great hold, and it’s easily concealed in their hair."– Natalie Angelillo, Swink Style Bar
Plume Feather Hair Extensions

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