Monday, October 24, 2011

Kenchii Charmer Series, Scorpion; Edge: Custom, Handle: Sterling Silver

Kenchii Hair Stylist, Level 5, Charmer Series, Scorpion, Hair Scissors, Edge: Custom, Handle: Sterling Silver

  For those who demand the finest in the world and the intensely unique styling, there is simply nothing lake a charmer cutting tool. Envious and admiring glances are normal while using your superior charmer shears. Charmer certainly brings new meaning to the idea of turning heads. Charmer products are hand make in Japan - often to order - making each piece a unique work of art. Diamonds and semi-precious stones can be added to your liking. Due to craftsmanship and exclusive nature of these items, a slightly longer delivery time may be required. If time is of the essence, please let us know when ordering. Rochwell hardness: 60-63 FOR A MUCH LARGER DETAILED PICTURE OF THIS SHEAR, FIRST CLICK ON "VIEW FULL SIZE" THEN CLICK ON THE MAXIMIZE BUTTON IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE PICTURE.

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