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5 Celebrity Shades Clients Crave

5 Celebrity Shades Clients Crave
Joico Celebrity Spokesperson George Papanikolas is a bona fide genius when it comes to celebrity color. From ombré to highlights, he knows just how to fulfill the celebrity color requests your clients want. Here he shares five gorgeous how-tos and smart tips to get the job done right.

Minka Kelly’s Caramelized Ombré HighlightsGeorge says: “The ombré technique started out as a popular look for blondes, but now it can be adapted in creative ways for every shade.”
The How-To: What’s great about this how-to is that George actually creates Minka’s color! To get the look, apply a rich, mink-colored shade to all strands, using an acidic, deposit-only formula like Joico Chrome Demi-Permanent Crème Haircolor. Then select a few strands around the face and off of the part, and backcomb each section. Apply lightener to the non-backcombed mid-lengths and ends, varying the size and position of each highlight, and lighten the hair to create deep, copper-toned highlights.
Trusty Tip: Rich, dark color looks best when it shines. After styling, work a few drops of Joico K-PAK Protect and Shine Serum between your palms and lightly run hands over the hair surface. Use more product in the back where hair is thickest; less in front. 

Jennifer Lopez’s Caramel Highlights and Face Framing WavesGeorge says: “Caramel-toned highlights really light up brunette haircolor, as well as the complexion.”
The How-To: To create the color, perform a base break on the new growth in order to lift the color one shade at the roots. Select a few strands around the face, backcomb at the scalp, and create caramel-colored highlights on the non-backcombed midlengths and ends. To style, shampoo and condition hair with Joico Smooth Cure Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply Joico Smooth Cure Leave-In Rescue Treatment to damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush to encourage maximum fullness and volume. Mist dry hair with Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Protectant and create loose waves with a 1 ½ inch curling iron. Finish with Joico K-PAK Protective Hairspray.
Trusty Tip: Consider incorporating a few matching hair extensions for the evening for luscious holiday volume.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Sexy City” BlondeGeorge says: “A dark base and chunky highlights give this color real urban attitude.”
The How-To: Starting away from the root, apply balayage highlights that are narrow at the base and gradually thicken toward the ends. Vary the size and shape of each highlight for a natural look. To style, use a 1-inch curling iron to curl large sections, starting three to four inches from the top and omitting the ends. Mist strands with Joico Design Collection Texture Spray and press it into the hair with hands to encourage a casual, undone effect.
Trusty Tip:  If hair is naturally wavy or curly, mist damp strands with Joico Design Collection Spray Wax and “scrunch” with hands to encourage natural, tousled texture.

Jennifer Aniston’s Beach Kissed Color and CurlGeorge says: “This shade is a bit cooler than Jennifer’s standard golden tones. Shifting tones from warm to cool or cool to warm is a great way to change up color without going darker or lighter.”
The How-To: Create this glistening hue by placing loads of baby-fine, woven highlights throughout the hair. To style, shampoo and condition with Joico Body Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply Joico Body Luxe Design Foam to damp strands and dry hair with a large round brush. Direct each section away from the face and after drying, wind each section around a large Velcro roller. Let hair cool for 15 minutes, remove rollers and mist with Joico Joi Mist Firm. 
Trusty Tip:
 Curled hair often loosens quickly, especially if strands are fine, so create a tighter curl than the desired result and it will last through the entire party!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Icy Blonde HueGeorge says: “Color like this really makes a statement, so when it comes to styling, less is more.”
George’s How-To: Lift the base color four levels with a high lift tint and then add dozens of fine highlights all over to produce this pale, pastel blonde. Apply Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil to damp hair and blow dry with the dryer on a low setting. To polish strands, mist with Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant and smooth with a K-PAK ReconstRx Vapor Iron, which will protect and condition hair as it smoothes.
Trusty Tip:  Heavily colored hair requires tender care. Joico RevitaLuxe Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment corrects damage instantly and shields against future damage.

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