Thursday, December 8, 2011

The products used for a fab twist out, that holds

"These are the products i use for my twist-outs. I get alot of compliments with this style, not only compliments, alot of women ask "what products do i use". I usually go into a list and lose them along the way. Well, yes you can use the moisture cream that i use, the sealant, and gel however, you can use other products too. Try to stick to the basics: moisture cream, sealant, and gel.

The moisture cream: adds moisture, helps keep gel from making hair crunchy and stiff.
The sealant:: seals in moisture(helps to keep hair from breaking off and splitting).
The gel: gives the hold.

It is very important to use products in this order; each product plays a specific part. Optional products to use: shea butter(sealant) and aloe vera gel(light hold, eco styler gel or ic fantasia gel for stronger hold).

To purchase Karen's body beautiful "butter love" go to; shea moisture "curl and style milk" target; eco styler gel Wal mart or your local beauty supplies."

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