Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Art of Blowdrying and Hair Brushing

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In this cosemtology education tutorial, we talk about the art of blowdrying and hairbrushing 101 as well as check out the HOTTEST new looks for the season.
Feisal Qureshi from Raincry Brushes helps us to understand more about blowdrying. He shows us the basics of blowdrying and then has a detailed talk about the use of brushes. He'll be giving us tips on how to choose hair brushes for achieving specific looks.
For demonstration purposes, Feisal applies two different styles on the head of the model. On one part of the head, he shows us how to achieve volume and on the other part, he shows us how to get smooth and straight hair.

While in a salon, we use hair brushes day-in day-out. However, many stylists don't know the various ways in which brushes can be used to create distinctive looks. Feisal tells us how he created Raincry brushes to target specific styling requirements and hair types and how they can be used effectively.
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