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Tech Tip - Get Scarlett Johansson's Cover Look

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Frankly My Dear, Your Hair Color is Stunning! 
Scarlett Johansson VF Cover ExampleCreating Scarlett Johansson's gorgeous cover look with Organic Color Systems.
Scarlett Johansson ignites the cover of Vanity Fair with multi-faceted ruby tones streaming through her hair. With her anticipated film out in December, entitled "We Bought a Zoo", Scarlett Johansson splashes the front page of the December Issue, flaunting a Sensational Red hair color that have hints of soft huey pinks as well as bold coppers throughout. The holistic exuberance of Scarlett's uncompromisingly timeless beauty is accentuated with youthful vitality of the pure reflections from the accents of her vibrant hair color. This work by Jessica Diehl, the Fashion and Style Director for Vanity Fair, stands as an archetypical paradigm of the exceptional results that Organic Color Systems is capable of.

After seeing the final work-product of this cover, I felt inspired to design and share some formulations around these rich colors using the Organic Color Systems non ammoniated color line. By mixing several of these formulations together and placing them in various combinations, your hair color can take on a natural beauty and reflection all to its own. Play with the creative possibilities whether it is your application, placement, or formulation but remember to always consider your starting level prior to your formulation choice.

For a multi-tonal color, pick at least 3 formulas to work through the entire head. Keep in mind that when choosing these color levels that if there are 2 levels between them, the result will be subtle in dimension while 3 or more level differences will result in more dramatic results.

Organic Color Systems Formulation Ideas:

Formula 1/ Base Color:
Red Hair Formula 1 
Deep Scarlett Red: 1/4  oz 4FR,  1/4  oz 7FR, 1/4 oz  6BC, 1/4 oz 6RC, 1/4  oz XBO, 1 1/4 oz 20 volume Cream Activator

Formula 2/ Base Color:
Red Hair Formula 2 
Lighted Scarlett hue: 1/4 oz 6RC, 1/4 oz 5GD, ¼  oz  XBO, 1/4 oz XBY, 1 oz 20 volume Cream Activator

Formula 3/ Mids and Ends:
Red Hair Formula 3 
Bright Copper Orange Pop:  1/2 7BC, 1/2 oz  6BC, 1/2 oz XBO, 1 1/2 oz 20 volume Cream Activator

Formula 4/ Mids and Ends:
Red Hair Formula 4 
Spicy Orange Copper: 1/2 oz 5RC, 1/2 oz  XBO, 1 oz 20 volume Cream Activator

Unleash your Flair!

Part hair from ear to ear separating the lower portion of the head from the top. Apply the base color (Formula 1) to the entire root area of the lower portion of the head, feathering slightly down random pieces of the mid-lengths and ends of hair.

Apply your base color (Formula 2) to the root area of the top portion of the head, feathering out slightly to the mid-length portion of the hair with some flickering through to the ends, until all of the root area of the head is covered.

After you have successfully applied the chosen root formula to the entire head, continue to work up the head form in a random circular pattern (See Diagram 1), starting at the right back corner. Apply (Formula 3 + 4) to the mid shaft and ends alternating between both formula choices in sections/panels (See Diagram 2). Place foil over the previous section to keep each colored section isolated from the previously colored hair. Continue moving upward on the head form, laying the foil in rotation and continuing to color the mids and ends alternating each formula choice. Also, randomly add in root base color (Formula 1 and 2) to these mids and end panels in your rotation, as you work your way up to the top of the head. This will add in some of the base root color chosen throughout your stunning new Scarlett color. Once you reach the top of the head continue to grab sections/panels pulling through your multiple color formulations until the entire head is saturated.
Hair Diagrams 
This technique is perfect for either bowl & brush or bottle application. Always consider density of hair in this color application technique.

With Organic Color Systems, you no longer have to pre-pigment your blondes and thus your sexy blondes are transformed to their new outrageous reds today in one simple step!
I hope this Tech Tip has been helpful.

Rebecca Gregory
Organic Salon Systems
888-213-4744 Ext: 202

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