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Jacquetta Style: Three different makeup styles with a unifying hair theme.

Three different makeup styles with a unifying hair theme.

These images were shot on the same day. Three different makeup applications with a unifying hair theme. The progression of this shoot was to apply a basic beauty style of makeup to the first model and then push the boundaries from Alta Moda to a fantasy style of makeup, unifying the cosmetic look by styling with metallic accessorized hair. The idea was to keep the hair from taking center stage by styling it clean and away from the face, while keeping it interesting.


The first two looks were created by pulling the hair into a low center back chignon, leaving  the top and sides out to use for the design. You can design your sweeps and waves however you like and with as much detail as you choose. First establish your part and divide the hair into two sections (right and left). For this example the hair is going to have 3 sections of design, however you are free use your imagination to create your own masterpiece. 
Now that the hair is parted divide the two sides into the amount of section that you choose. Remember that your accessories have to fit in the sections. On one side pick the bottom section and drape or wave the hair  onto a shape that you like and temporarily secure the hair in that shape. You'll want to start the placement of accessories at the base and work your way through to the end of your design by placing one pin at a time until you reach the place were you want the design to stop. Continue until all sections are designed. 
The third look is a simple ballerina bun. The hair was cleanly brushed back into a ponytail. It's really important to make sure that the pony is immaculate. Wrap your tail into a bun and pin it (video explanation of this to come). Now all you have to do is place your accessories. I chose a uniform placement to support my modern futuristic feeling for the hair.


TIGI Whipped Foundation #2
       Use foundation brush and work one section of the face at a time (product sets quickly)
TIGI Brow Sculpting Duo in Brunette Use 
       Use angel brush to apply wax first then apply the power over the wax (powder color will deepen when it hits the wax).

TIGI  Longwearing Eye Shadow in brown sugar

       Place some product on a pallet. Use a dome shadow brush and place color, starting at the lash line and while blending up and outward. I chose to keep color concentrated in the crease. Use an angle brush with very little product and create a soft sweep of color at the lower lash line. Now add a light dust of gold from TIGI  High Density Quad Shadow (Posh) to the center of the lid and blend to inner corner  

Use the same gold to highlight the brow

Use TIGI Perfect Eyeliner in brown for the wetline (the moist flesh just inside the lash line).
Apply strip lashes.
Add a sweep of color just under the cheek bone. Start application away from hairline and blend back toward hairline. (color should blend away before reaching the hairline). I used TIGI Glow Blush in Haute
Lips were done using TIGI Decaf Perfect Lipliner, then cocktail Splendor and Gossip TIGI Lipstick.

This look was created Using TIGI Fair Cream Foundation, and powdering all of the face except the eyes with TIGI Powder Foundation in ShiShi. Make sure the brows get powdered. Eyes are done using TIGI Perfect Eyeliner in Peacock, Blue and Black. This is meant to look irregular and slightly messy. Start with Peacock to create the base shape. These liners blend so grab your brush and blend this color into the shape you want to see on the eye. Keep the color dense at the tear duct area and at the height of the brow. Use the blue to deepen and richen the color. Apply the color over the lid and under the eye (remember to let some of the teal peek through). Last apply the black in a smilier manner, but just to the areas you want to make even deeper and richer (remembering to allow the first two colors to peek through). Use the black for the wetline, as well. No mascara. No brow color. Add sweep of Haute TIGI Glow Blush to the hollow of the cheeks. Lips are filled in with TIGI Perfect Lipliner in Kiss. Then add a touch of black liner to the center where the lips touch, and blend  

Use TIGI Dumb Blonde Luxe Lipgloss to complete the lips. The final touch is to use the  TIGI Dumb Blonde Luxe Lipgloss to gloss the eyeshadow. Shoot the look quickly because this glossy eye bit doesn't last forever.

This look starts with a Perfect Temptu airbrushed face in 001(porcelain). The airbrush really helps to soften the color of the lash and brow hairs. I chose to also airbrush this color on to the hair to down play the models natural strawberry hair. Brush the crease of the eyes with  TIGI blush in awaken. For the lips use a lip brush and apply a small amount of Faith TIGI Lipstick to the center of the mouth where the lips touch and blend away.

The eye was a little tricky. Apply black liner to the wetline,

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