Friday, March 23, 2012

9 Haircolor Consultation and Service Tips from Goldwell Colorance

Color clients can present a range of opportunities for increasing your salon’s revenue—from glazing services to retouches to complete color overhauls, there’s always something you can do with a color client to make her look great—and boost sales while you’re at it! It all starts with a successful consultation, say the pros at Goldwell. Here are nine examples of how you can turn an ordinary service into a super profitable one.
Your client: has virgin hair and is ready for a new color look
Hair condition: no hair color, may have dry ends, may have first signs of white/grey hair
Your advice: give her a fresh, lively look with exceptional shine, color depth and brilliance with Goldwell Colorance Color Infuse
Your client: has uneven color (from at-home coloring, for example)
Hair condition: uneven color (often at the back of the head), white hair is not sufficiently covered or is covered too brightly
Your advice: provide a color service using Goldwell Colorance Color Infuse to create even color and even white coverage (up to 50% coverage)
Your client: has colored hair, but just wants a haircut
Hair condition: lacking shine, visible re-growth, white or grey hair beginning to show
Your advice: freshen her up with a cut PLUS color! Using Goldwell Colorance Color Infuse, refresh her existing color while adding shine and condition. Cover re-growth and any signs of white or grey hair
The Color Infuse service for natural shade and color refreshment is ideal for clients who want to stay true to their color, intensifying the natural shade and adding new brilliance and vibrancy. It includes a comprehensive range of options for individual style expression. Rich brilliance, intense colors and glowing shine meet unprecedented freshness and silkiness in new and vibrant color plays. 
Your client: has a high percentage of white but doesn’t want permanent color
Hair condition: up to 75% white, often dull
Your advice: give her a younger, fresher look with dimensional color using Goldwell Colorance Cover Plus Grey. It provides reliable, natural coverage and superior shine and condition.
Your client: has strongly lightened or over-highlighted hair
Hair condition: color appears too light, unnatural and is often over-processed and/or damaged
Your advice: new vitality! Using Goldwell Colorance Cover Plus Lowlights, create natural-looking dark reflections (lowlights) for more dimension, vibrancy and overall highlighted effect
The Cover Plus service for grey hair offers a higher proportion of grey coverage, restoring a youthful appearance and shine to soft and perfectly natural looking hair – a rejuvenating hair treatment! The Cover Plus lowlight service delivers natural looking reflections for more dimension, vibrancy and an overall highlighted effect
Your client: just had a full bleach service
Hair condition: lightened, not shaded
Your advice: to add some refined, nuanced balance! Use the Goldwell Colorance Express Toning to create subtle dimension, shine-sealing and condition
Your client: just had a re-growth high lift service
Hair condition: the middle lengths are lifeless, dull and lacking shine
Your advice: an all around, luminous, lively blonde with Goldwell Colorance Express Toning to provide gentle shading, shine-sealing and suppleness throughout hair
Your client: just had a highlight service
Hair condition: overly bright highlights that need to be softened and blended for a more natural, balanced look
Your advice: to add brilliant, natural radiance! Goldwell Colorance Express Toning will help to achieve gorgeous, more natural highlight results with intense shine and durability
Your client: already has highlights and now just wants a haircut
Hair condition: faded highlights without shine
Your advice: renewed freshness and vitality! Use Goldwell Colorance Express Toning to provide a quick and easy highlight freshening that boosts shine and overall condition.
The Express Toning Service offers clients glossy, healthy, natural-looking blonde results in minutes and can be applied directly after lightening (full head or highlights) or to refresh between highlighting services
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