Sunday, March 18, 2012

Five Star Amanpulo Resort Spa, The Philippines

Five Star Amanpulo Resort, The Philippines

 Amanpulo Resort is located on the private island of Pamalican, the Philippines, encircled by a scenic natural landscape. Its name derives from the Sanskrit word for peace (“aman”) and the Tagalog word for island. Translate this into modern times and you have an incredible setting, perfect for a comfortable, peaceful holiday.

The breathtaking Pamalican island is around three miles long and  0.3 miles (500m) at its widest point, surrounded by perfect white beaches and the Sulu Sea. The resort consists of 40 small accommodation units (casitas) and 11 villas. According to the official description of the resort, “Amanpulo’s facilities enjoy a spacious layout complementing their natural surroundings. The resort’s casitas are situated on the beach, amongst the treetops or on the hillside overlooking the Sulu Sea. Each has its own private buggy allowing independent travel on the island‘. Despite its remote location, the resort has access to a restaurant, bar, beach club, lagoon club, library, a spa, tennis courts and many more. You can check out further details here.

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