Friday, March 16, 2012

MyChair iPhone App

MyChair - hair salon app


Client Management for Booth Renters

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MyChair - an app for hairstylists

With the MyChair hair salon app, you can communicate with your clients like never before. Keeping your clients' information in MyChair makes scheduling appointments so much easier than those pesky binders that no one fills out. You can store contact information, formulas, comments, dates, and quickly search for any data keeping all the data with in your fingertips.

Stay in touch

MyChair appointment app helps you send out quick messages to clients so you can make sure they are enjoying their newstyle. MyChair can help you communicate with clients that haven't visited in a while. Send out promotions is also a breeze. Mass Communications can be sent via email or SMS(Text Messages)

Keep your chair warm

Everyone knows clients don't visit every 6-8 weeks because they simply forget to make an appointment. By using MyChair you can quickly send out reminder messages to Clients that have not visisted in a selected duration, and get them in the appointment book!

MyChair - app for hairstylists

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