Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Introducing No-Compromise Excellence Coaching & Training

You're not content with average.
Status quo is not an option.

You believe in going big
or going home. 

If you're committed to building a sustainable company for the long haul, you're ready for No-Compromise Excellence, the newest coaching and training program from Strategies.

After a company-wide assessment, a team of Certified Strategies Coaches, under the leadership of Strategies founder/CEO Neil Ducoff, will work with you and your staff to achieve enduring excellence throughout your business.

Your No-Compromise Excellence Game Plan will have your entire company working toward measurable results, based on the six areas that form the foundation of No-Compromise Excellence:
  1. Purpose and Intent: It's about a profound commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve excellence.
  2. Connected Ownership: It's like a chain where the integrity of every link gives it strength. Everyone matters.
  3. Selectivity: This is all about having the will to say "no" to 80 percent of new ideas so your team can focus on the best ones, channeling resources and energy on the select few.
  4. Deliberate Outcomes: Processes create consistency. Get the processes right; No-Compromise Excellence will be the outcome.
  5. Company Compass: This is the drive and determination to get the work done right and on time.
  6. Organizational Pride: This is your company's mojo. It's what turns ordinary into extraordinary.
Warning: This program is not for everyone. Achieving organizational excellence is hard work; it's not for those who are looking for easy answers or a quick fix. The minimum commitment is four months. For best results, you must commit to a full year.

No-Compromise Excellence: Are you in? Contact Bruce Hourigan at 800.417.4848 x203 and get started on your customized No-Compromise Excellence program.

40 Main St. Suite 7, Centerbrook, CT 06409

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