Saturday, March 17, 2012

~ APPLI-TECH ~ The most advanced hair products applicator tool in hair dressing history

A New Methodology
Hair applicator tool that eliminates overlapping & allows precise placement of chemical solutions

The new US Patented Appli-tech should not be mistaken or confused with any applicator brush or sprush. You will never achieve as good a relaxer result without the Appli-tech tool. Imagine such a tool practically shouting to observers. The statement Appli-tech will shout  is "You're an artist & perfectionist."  Your demonstration will be there to back up your claim. Rinse and wipe the Appli-tech dry and proceed to your next client after each usage. Easy ? Right ! "It's a money maker and time saver" and "buzz" around the salon for excitement. One Appli-tech can be used on all your clients all day long.

                               INSTRUCTIONAL  VIDEO

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