Monday, September 6, 2010

Clever, Cute, & Cultured Creative Hair Styles ~ Change It Up!

Create a Romantic Chignon

A rumpled texture and casual pinning make the standard bun look sexier and more youthful. Use a large curling iron to create loose waves (if your hair is naturally wavy, let it air-dry). Gather your hair loosely at the nape and twist it around just once so the bun drapes low. Then, instead of wrapping it with an elastic, stick long bobby pins into the bun haphazardly to secure it, which keeps the style from becoming too tight.

Wear Hair Halfway Back

To make this style more grown-up, take the top section of your hair from temple to temple and lightly tease the underside with a paddle brush. Skim the brush over the surface of hair to smooth it, then secure at the back of the crown with a simple metal or tortoiseshell barrette.

Get Big, Bouncy Curls

Nothing says "bombshell" like a flowing heap of curls. (See style on the left.) Apply mousse throughout damp hair, followed by a little serum on the ends, then blow-dry without a brush. Use a one-inch curling iron to roll hair sections up, from the ends to the scalp, and hold each there for a second. After sliding out the iron, pin the curls to the head. When they've cooled, release the curls and fluff them with a brush.

Bump Up Your Crown

A smidgen of height at your crown adds a whole lot of sex appeal. For the classic Brigitte Bardot look, blow-dry hair with a round brush, then set it in hot rollers to amp up the volume. After taking out the rollers, part hair in the middle, then lightly tease the underside of the crown with a fine-tooth comb to give it a bit of lift. Skim a paddle brush over the surface of your crown to smooth any fuzz.

Add a Flower

A floral hair pin is sweetly romantic—but to keep it from looking juvenile, stick with a soft-colored one. Place it on the side of loose hair just above the ear, or tuck it right above a low bun.

Supersize a Twist

Like Elizabeth Taylor's big hairstyles of the '60s, the exaggerated French twist is both elegant and outrageous. Slick hair back into a ponytail and tease it with a fine-tooth comb. Then, using an eight-inch foam hair accessory known as a "rat" (available at beauty-supply stores), wrap the ponytail around it, rolling the rat toward the head until it's completely hidden. The hair clings to the mesh covering, almost like it does to a Velcro roller, so all you need are a few bobby pins along the seam to hold the twist in place.

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