Friday, September 17, 2010

Runway Beauty | Marc Jacobs

Peter Foley/EPA

The Studio 54 style of Anjelica Huston, Pat Cleveland and Jerry Hall inspired Marc Jacobs this season. The designer’s beauty dream team — François Nars, Redken’s Guido Palau and Creative Nail’s Jan Arnold — didn’t disappoint. (Not that they could have: Arnold mentioned there was a six-hour beauty test the night before.) “We kept a few of the iconic things from the ’70s, like no eyebrows — we’re bleaching all the brows,” Nars said backstage. “Then a dark, reddish-brownish matte lipstick, a little bit of shiny, peachy color on the cheeks to give them a healthy look and deep forest green on the eyes with Vaseline on top.” A spring shade from Creative Nail called Perfectly Bare blended with mattifying top coat was applied to nails to “blank them out,” according to Arnold, mimicking the treatment of the brows. Toes, however, were painted a dark red. “Marc wanted deep, dark, shiny berry toes,” Arnold said. “When he saw Bloodline, he was like, ‘That’s it!’”

Models were given one of four side-parted, texturized hairstyles ranging from Marcel waves to major Biba-esque frizz, depending on their natural hair type. “Marc hates hair extensions,” Palau said. “We wanted to capture that period, the decadent loucheness of the ’70s supermodels. You know, that kind of woman who reeks of perfume.” Ah, but would it be Daisy, Lola or even Bang?

By Holly Seigel
Hair News Network

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