Friday, September 17, 2010

Debunking Men’s Grooming Myths

How to Buy Men's Grooming Supplies
The Grooming Guys

“Swallow A Piece Of Gum & It Will Sit In Your Stomach For 7 Years”

“Humans Use Only 10% Of Their Brains.”

“The Salahi’s Are The IT Couple In Washington, DC.”

Fact or fiction?  Reality or myth.  To be honest, we don’t know the validity of any of these statements.  You see, we’re not Gastroenterologists, Neurologists or local socialites — we’re
 grooming geeks. And… it’s in this area we feel confident separating the gospel from the garbage.

“The More FoamThe Better The Shave” Malarkey! Foam that sits an inch off your skin simply doesn’t do anything. Instead of wasting precious time or money lathering up,  buy yourself a shaving solution that gets right on top of and underneath the beard without extra elbow grease.

Getting Body Hair Waxed Will Make It Grow Back Thicker“  Total hair-esy (sorry about that). Since waxing, whether eye brows, back or other, takes hair out at the root, it has no connection with a bushy backlash.

“You Don’t Need Sunscreen When It’s Cloudy Or Cold” — Hogwash! Even when you can’t feel the sun’s warmth, its powerful rays are still doing a number on your skin. Real doctors recommend wearing a protective sunscreen everyday.

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“Stick to the same brand for all your products” — Gibberish! Don’t be afraid to “cheat” on your favorite brand. Using an eclectic group of products can be beneficial. Whiles one manufacturer’s products may work great on your face, another may do wonders with your hair. Only caveat is to make certain  cross-brand products don’t negatively compete fragrance-wise.

“Only Athletes Can Get ‘Jock Itch’” — OK… no one actually thinks this is true, but just making sure you’re paying attention. Jock Itch doesn’t discriminate against those who can’t throw a spiral.

“You Should Always Shave Downwards To Avoid Irritation” — Nonsense! Shaving with the grain is one of the best ways to avoid razor rash — but for many men — the grain of hair growth doesn’t run downwards. Some guys have facial hair that runs sideways or diagonally – and for these fellas – it’s important to carefully follow that tricky growth pattern.

Washing Your Face with Regular Soap Is Good Enough” — Garbage! Regular soap is extremely drying and can lead to flaking face dermis, rashes, etc. Not to mention, isn’t it kind of gross to use the same bar on your face that was just rubbed down there? Instead, try a targeted face cleanser.

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