Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Jersey Shore' Star DJ Pauly D Loses His Spiky Do for GQ October Issue

The guido has got to go.

That was the concept behind GQ's "Project Upgrade" portfolio in which the macho men of MTV's hit "Jersey Shore" got a makeover for the October issue.

And StyleList has to admit that Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio's amazing transformation really had us fist-pumping: Instead of his signature super-gelled spikes, the perma-tanned tune spinner wears a much tamer do.

DelVecchio has always taken pride in his unmovable Troll-doll topper, which takes 25 minutes to style, and, he has boasted, "It comes out perfect every single time." Okaaaaay....

Last year, he told the New York Daily News his secret to getting points so perfect they'd make the Statue of Liberty green with envy:

  • Step 1: Blow out hair for maximum volume.
  • Step 2: Pile on the I-C-E's Spiker gel. "It's the only thing I'll ever use," says DelVecchio.
  • Step 3: Shellac with Got2b hair spray. "This is a serious spray," he says. "It's a moldah and a shapah."
  • Step 4: Blow-dry the concoction and adjust until you achieve Heat Miser hair.
In GQ, however, the Rhode Island native sports a shorter, simpler style as he models the latest in workout wear, including an Adidas at Paragon Sports tank and Polo Ralph Lauren sweatpants.

The guys of Jersey Shore GQ October cover before shot

High fashion GTL: The boys after their GQ makeunder. Photo courtesy of GQ

It remains to be seen whether DelVecchio will keep the cleaner cut, but it would certainly give him more time to devote to his other loves: hitting the gym and tanning. "You look more toned when you're tan," he tells the magazine.

The ladies would certainly agree. "It was my birthday this weekend, and these girls put cake on my body and ate it off," reveals the Italian stallion. "One girl said, 'You have the nicest chest I ever ate cake off.' I got pictures to prove it. I'll send 'em to you."


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