Friday, September 24, 2010

The Best Haircut for Your Personality

Kate Hudson's luxe, party girl locks. Photo: Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images for Stella McCartney
We've heard a lot about the best hairstyle for your face shape, texture and even color, but what about your personality? Is there a style that suits what you are like on the inside as much as the outside?

"Women should really rely upon their personality as an accessory to their hair for added style and allure," says Gerry Leddy, a celebrity hairstylist at Pierre Michel Salon in New York City. "In an age of similarity and safety in the beauty industry, few women have the self-assurance and security to make such a translation, but those who do often get the best style and wear it with tons of confidence which is what really makes the look."

Leddy says you can certainly get a good read of what someone is like by the way they wear and care for their hair. "Condition alone will tells you what a person thinks of themselves."

Clues like cut, color and the way hair is styled also tell a lot. "For example, someone who chooses a short, edgier style is typically more artsy and daring with their fashion choices which is consistent with their styling choice," said Leddy who also believes the easier the hair moves, the more formidable the personality.

"When a woman can move her head and have her hair move in a complimenting motion, it tells me that she is a woman who exudes confidence and is free of constriction in many elements of her life," he said. "It also suggests a fine sense of humor."

Does your hairstyle complement your inner personality? See what Leddy suggests:

A more reserved Michelle Williams opts for a pixie cut. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images
A woman who is athletic and active on a regular basis seeks ease and convenience with her hair. Pull it back and forget about it for a good workout. But dried after her shower, it and she should glow with health and bounce. A short and sassy cut is best and also suggests a no-nonsense personality that is healthy, happy and assured.

Party Girl
A party girl will never let go of her length! She works that hair with curling irons and electric rollers to max out the hair and create an aura of "devil may care." Extensions help contribute to the long waves needed when a party girl flexes her muscle.

A flirty personality will almost always have her hair parted off-center or on the side. This gives her a peek-a-boo arsenal to work with while swinging and tossing!

I always find that a reserved personality will subscribe to simplicity. Hair will always be cut in the plainest and most serviceable of styles. This is not to say that she is dull or unattractive, but rather, she does not feel the need to embellish certain aspects of her personality to suit her appearance. A well-cut bob or pixie cut is almost always the way to go.

For a corporate girl in today's world, function and versatility are key issues. There is life after the office! Length matters for a corporate woman. A layered bob with some easement around the face serves her well.

Natural beauty Jennifer Garner looks great with an easy, breezy hairstyle. Photo: Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Creative and Artistic
I have always found that creative and artistic personalities are more adventurous with their hair. Curl will go untamed, colors will he bolder. Creative and artistic women tend to get away with more in the style department and tend to make a statement with their hair -- like a razored, punked-out cut.

Simple, All Natural
Unadorned, easy and breezy hairstyles fit these women best. There is no second guessing to this girl's personality. What you see is what you get! Easy waves with lots of swing here.


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