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What Hair Color Is Right For Me?

How to find the hue that works best for you

Selecting the best shade for a new hair color is about more than matching skin tones and eye color.
If your craving a new color isn't about shocking the folks, getting a new image or covering grey, chances are you want a tone that works best with what nature gave you. Start by staying within one or two shades of your own range.
What Hair Color Looks Good on Me
Look at the color wheel and you'll see a visual depiction of why some color will look great on you and others won't. It proves the principles on which all color art is based.
Red and blue are opposite one to another on the wheel, as are yellow and violet. This means those colors are opposites that cancel another out. Avoid jumping from one side of the wheel to the other. Only professionals should try using a blue-green based shade to eliminate brassiness.
Colors on the right side of the color wheel are always warm and those on the left are cool. Decide which represents your skin tone and stay on that side of the wheel. You can always go a little darker but if you want to go lighter, you'll need permanent haircolor.
If you can't decide where your skin tone falls, ask anyone at a cosmetics counter for help or try the "draping method", holding up an orange, then a blue scarf to your face. The one that looks the best against your skin tone is in the right color family for you. Next, bring your eye color into the mix, and use the following rules of thumb:

If your skin tone is cool:
Blue or green eyes will look good with ash or cool shades, from sandy and beige blonde to red-free brunette. If you want to be a red head, be sure to pick one that's plum or burgundy.
If your eyes are hazel, you can choose a totally cool shade or bringing out gold flecks in your eyes with subtle warmth in your color. Try a medium brown with a hint of gold. If you're a natural blonde icy shades from pure platinum to ashy blonde will look right on you. If you really want to try red, go clear and cool.
How to Choose the Perfect Haircolor
If you skin tone is neutral or cream:

Dark eyes go best with a dark-to-medium brown color or medium reds. You can cover gray with auburn shades that are medium to dark.
If your eyes are hazel, blue or green, anything from light brunette to medium blonde will look great on you. You'll also look good in auburn or strawberry blonde if your natural haircolor is light. In fact, you can pull off almost any shade of red.
For blue or green eyes and naturally blonde hair, you can choose lighter shades of blonde, or medium ones.

The Best Hair Color for Skin and Eyes Tones
If your skin tone is warm:

Dark brown, black or hazel eyes all allow you to have black, medium or golden brown haircolor. Even wine or auburn will enrich your natural tones.
If your eyes are hazel, blue or green and your natural hair color is light brown to medium blonde, add light or golden highlights or choose medium brunettes that are on the warm side.
If your eyes are blue or green and you hair is naturally blonde, stay with golden blondes and very light brunette shades.
Vivid red tones and warm reds will work well for you, especially if your hair is naturally on the red side.

A professional colorist can always guide you best, but if you choose to do it yourself, the name on the box usually gives you a clue. Just be certain you read before you buy, so you know how the selected shade will look once you put it over your natural shade. Brunettes who use permanent color products will find it nearly impossible to avoid reddish tones. Most importantly, before you make a big color switch, ask a trusted colorist to help you find the perfect warm-cool color balance for you.

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