Sunday, October 10, 2010

All About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are to eyelashes what hair extensions are to hair: magnificent modern magic. With the wonders of synthetic fiber, each one of your eyelashes can have an extension lash glued onto it. The result is a slightly fuller, and much longer, eyelash. When all your eyelashes are extended, the effect can be dramatic.
Because the extensions are attached to your actual eyelash, they're obviously not permanent. Eyelashes fall out and re-grow constantly, so as soon as you get the extensions you'll begin losing lashes.For most women the longer lashes will last around two to three weeks, and then you'll need a touch-up. With touch-ups, the extensions can last for as long as one to three months, after which you'll have to repeat the procedure.

eyelash growthThis makes eyelash extensions a hot beauty treatment before big events, such as weddings, proms, reunions or just a steamy date with the hunk from work. The extensions cost enough that a wedding or prom is about the only time the average women could afford have them done, though.

If you do happen to have a fortune to drop on your eyelashes, there are extensions available with glitter, gem-tipped ends or other fancy embellishments. You can also decide where the lashes are placed, which helps to make eyes look bigger, wider or more evenly spaced.

Though they may not be permanent, eyelash extensions are a big step up from false eyelashes. They don't junk up your eyelashes or feel heavy on your eyelids. They can look completely natural when done correctly and instantly create dazzling eyes on almost anyone.

Eyelash extensions can also make every single one of your eyelashes fall out if done incorrectly. Since regulations for minor cosmetic procedures are surprisingly lax in most countries, make sure to investigate a business before having any services performed.

There are several different brands of eyelash extensions and you'll probably need to decide on a brand. The best way to do this is to simply sit down and research your eyelash selection. Look for basic pro and con information, as well as possible problems or common allergic reactions.


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