Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Willow Smith 'Whip My Hair' Video: From Paint-Spewing Strands to Rainbow Pompadour

 Willow Smith is giving us yet another reason to love our hair with her ... Willow Smith is giving us yet another reason to love our hair with her new video, "Whip My Hair."

Rocking a heart-shaped, braided mohawk, white-frosted eyelashes, 3-D acrylic nails, gem upper lip jewelry, and lace-up boots, the 9-year-old transcends from Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith's kiddo to a legitimate star in her own right (even though big brother Jaden Smith makes a cameo. Watch it below!).

And as our friends over at PopEater report, the music video stacks up to the incredibly catchy, Rihanna-sounding song with killer outfits, fun classroom dance pieces and, yes, tons of hair whipping -- with neon orange, blue and green paint!

The video was directed by Ray Kay, who also helmed the sensational shoots for Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and Justin Bieber's "Baby."

Kay told Rap-Up of the video: "I'm really happy to be involved with a project that has such a positive message as this one, and I'm certain people that are watching the video will feel inspired to develop their own individuality and freedom and express their own art after seeing Willow in this video."

From a rainbow-colored curly pompadour to a candy cotton-inspired pouf to sky-high braided Bantu knots, Willow proves you can "whip it real good" no matter what you've got on top.


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