Monday, October 4, 2010

Stunning Makeup for Gray Hair

Woman with gray hairForget pricey colorists and messy at-home dye kits. Go gray and — with the right makeup — emerge a silver-haired stunner.

There's something very liberating about letting your hair go gray -- instead of being a slave to salon appointments and root touch-ups, you can focus your beauty energy on making the most of the real you. The end result? You look incredibly glamorous with your natural white tresses.

Ditching the hair color, however, can bring some makeup confusion with it. The colors you wore when your hair was darker or bolder may not look quite right with your new sleek, chic gray hair. In fact, when you go fully gray, you often have to step up the brightness of your makeup to look polished.
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Begin with your eyes. You'll want to use a soft taupe shadow to fill in any sparse spots on your brows (unless they, too, have gone completely white). Avoid dark browns or shades of red; they'll look too harsh with white hair. On your lids, stick to simple shades of white, ivory, gray, charcoal, or navy, all neutral colors that have a cool undertone, to complement the coolness of your hair. Try using a light gray shadow all over lids, and a charcoal or navy shadow as liner along top lashes for a polished, bright-eyed look. Use black mascara on top lashes only to finish your eyes.

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For cheeks and lips, think bold shades of color applied very softly. By using a color with some kick, you'll add vibrancy to your skin -- just avoid applying that kicky color too heavily. Sheer coral, raspberry, and pink lipstick will work well with your hair color. Skip lip liner, and apply your lipstick straight from the tube. For extra sparkle, add a dot of clear gloss to the middle of your bottom lip. On cheeks, try a rosy, peachy, or pinky shade of blush. Blush tip: Dip your blush brush into your color, then lightly blow off any excess. Apply color in a circular motion for the most natural effect.

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Stunning Makeup for Gray Hair

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