Monday, October 25, 2010

Origin of Wigs and Hair Extensions

Wigs and hair extensions can be traced back to ancient Egypt about 5000 years ago. Of course, the main use of wigs and hair extensions in ancient Egypt was for cosmetic adornment. Surprisingly, women’s wigs were less elaborate than those of men’s and appeared more natural looking. Extensions too, were not exclusively for women and were also worn by men. There is archaeological evidence that hair extensions were used in Egypt at least as early as 3400 B.C. For the most part, hair extensions were used to fill out thinning hair or to make regular tresses more luxuriant.

Wigs and extensions were almost always made of human hair and were secured into or onto the real hair (or scalp) with beeswax and plant resin. Sometimes, extensions were attached using thread to fasten the extensions to their own hair. Many wigs had an internal padding of date-palm fiber.

Wigs were not only a method of cosmetic adornment, but were also sometimes used as a way to improve cleanliness. Some ancient Egyptians shaved most or all of their hair as a way to avoid infection by head lice. To replace the shaved hair, they would wear wigs. The wigs also protected them from the sun and helped to keep the head cooler. Hair is an insulator - it can help keep heat in the skull, but in hot climates it can also help block heat.

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