Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Not Just a Hairdresser!

Part One of Four - The Legends
Featuring the “Magnificent Three”
Vidal Sassoon - Trevor Sorbie - Robert Lobetta.
These icons have changed the face of hairdressing, impacting fashion, trends and beauty attitudes on a global level, from the glamorous international runways, translating their visions to the main stream.
During part one – each artist’s interview, reveals their passions, joys and the challenges of being a leader. Their thirst for excellence made them the industry icons that they are today. Coupled with powerful imagery, the legends inspirational work and personal stories provoke admiration and hope, encouraging us to believe in our dreams. These entertaining stories are humorous, insightful and emotionally provocative: a highly influential documentary, with the power to redefine the artist's destiny..

Part Two - Empires
Anthony Mascolo - Horst Rechelbacher - Frederic Fekkai
Hairdressing has many faces to its business; Product lines, Salons, Spa, Academies, Schools, editorial, fashion shows and events among others. Including the entrepreneurs who are now self-made millionaires.
Their story to the top and ability to build an empire will shift the perception of many that say “there is no future in hairdressing”, claiming you cannot make money in this business. These icons did and are still making others wealthy through the evolution of their empires. Their honesty and candor reveal that the climb to the top is not a bed of roses, and that sacrifices have to be made. However, they share powerful stories that encourage the viewer not to give up on a dream and that failure is just a honing tool to prepare you for success.

Part Three - The Stars Behind The Chair
"Leading Ladies of Hair"
Antoinette Beenders - Vivienne Mackinder - Ruth Roche
It’s just the energy boost you need to keep your creativity cutting-edge, inspired and profitable. Viv-Aldo Productions has just released the third film in the company’s I’m NOT JUST a Hairdresser documentary series. This educational and always entertaining new film, The Leading Ladies of Hair, takes you inside the minds of three extraordinary and influential women—Antoinette Beenders, Vivienne Mackinder and Ruth Roche—tracing their career paths and the obstacles they’ve overcome.
Leaders in this industry, these professionals have exerted a global influence on hair design and color. Whether in the studios of Hollywood, on the catwalks of Paris, in the exclusive salons of New York and London, or on Main Street USA, their work is innovative, dramatic and always exciting.
This is the story of Inspiration and hope.

Part Four - Discover Your Passion
Robert Cromeans, Mary Brunetti, Beth Minardi and Kris Sorbie
“Discover Your Passion” brings together some of the most dynamic talent and success stories within our profession. Where your mind goes your life follows. Are you a visionary, a fence sitter, or a resister? I’m not just a hairdresser explores ‘Inside the Artist's Mind’ and the journey of what it takes to be a successful artist in a commercial world. Talent without desire does not have power or direction; but when fueled with Passion and relentless determination to succeed, dreams shift from fantasy to reality. Four icons, four personalities, four very different lives, which all have one thing in common; their passion! Let’s inspire and guide you in the next chapter of your life.

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