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3 Fall 2011 Hair Trends to Steal from the Runway

3 Fall 2011 Hair Trends to Steal from the Runway

College students across the country are gearing up for another year of school. Whether your fall semester has already begun or you’re still enjoying summer break, we can all agree a major part of the excitement for the new school year is getting to experiment with the new fall trends.
Another great thing about autumn weather is that it isn’t nearly as harsh on your hair as summer or winter, so you can easily try out some new hairstyles without worrying about frizz and static. Below, I’ll show you guys how to recreate three of the hottest Fall 2011 runway hairstyles to rock on campus this fall.

1. Gold

Metallics are always big for fall and this year is no exception. Gold tones were all over the runway during New York Fashion Week, from fabrics to nail polish and even in hair.
The models at Jason Wu (seen above) had real 24-karat gold leaf painted in large streaks on their hair. While this look may seem overwhelming (and obviously expensive) to recreate exactly, it’s possible to parlay this runway inspiration into your real life hairstyles.
Not ready to paint your hair gold? Golden hair accessories are the perfect way to create the Jason Wu effect with much less commitment. A golden hair clip adds an unexpected touch of glamour to a sleek bun, while a golden headband quickly pulls together an otherwise casual look for class.
For those craving more drama, consider using Manic Panic Dye Hard Hair Colour Gel to create a similar look to Wu’s for a fraction of the cost. This metallic hair gel is great for commitment-phobes because it washes out instantly with shampoo. Consider applying the gold gel to one section of hair before braiding for a dramatic pop of color. I would suggest showing off this style on weekends for a fun party look; it’d also be perfect for holiday events in the months to come.

2. Ponytails

Ponytails on the Fall 2011 runways at Alexander Wang and Vera Wang
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Forget diamonds – ponytails are a college girl’s best friend. It was so refreshing to see our favorite casual, yet chic, ponytails in many New York Fashion Week shows. For the runway, the style is over-the-top, but this look is more than easily adaptable for everyday wear.
This season’s ponytail is low, casual, and unkempt. The ponytails in Alexander Wang’s show (seen above left) looked precariously close to falling out completely with many strands framing the models’ faces, while the Vera Wang ponytails (featured above center and right) created an entirely new silhouette.
To recreate this look for everyday wear, begin by applying a curl-enhancing gel or volumizing mousse. To keep the look fuss-free, just work with the natural texture of your hair. For example, if your hair is pin straight, don’t worry about recreating the exact curly style of Alexander Wang’s models; this look is meant to be easy.
Next, use a hair elastic in a shade similar to your hair color to create the pony. Unlike a traditional low ponytail, for this look, the elastic is not right against the nape of the neck, but further down on the hair. For a look similar to the ones seen in Vera Wang’s show, keep the elastic tight while pulling the hair above the elastic to create a soft, halo effect around your head. For a look more similar to Alexander Wang’s ponys, pull a few front strands loose and twirl them around your fingers to frame your face and maintain the messy, bohemian look.
For an extra pop of color, or to keep the ponytail looking intentional and not just haphazard, consider using an elastic with a bow on it or tying a classic ribbon around your ponytail.

3. Big Updos

Voluminous chignons, french twists, and bouffants piled so high they tested gravity were everywhere during New York Fashion Week. Much like the ponytails above, these updos were also messy and slightly unkempt.
The over-the-top hairstyles seen in runway shows such as Bottega Veneta (pictured above) channel Amy Winehouse and Mad Men at the same time. While the runway version is probably not practical for everyday, a softer version of these big updos would be perfect for a date night.
For this look, the difference between runway and real-life is all in the execution. The process for creating the style is similar for both looks, but for the real-life version, keep the teasing and volume of the updo much less exaggerated.
First, apply a volumizing spray to damp hair and blow dry upside down or let it air dry. Once your hair is dry, begin backcombing or teasing it backwards until you reach your desired effect. For real life, a reasonable amount of volume is still very flattering without being over-the-top. Then pull your hair back and create a french twist. Use a few bobby pins to secure the twist and finish with just a touch of hair spray.

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