Wednesday, September 28, 2011

France’s Leading Certified Organic Beauty Brand

Melvita was founded in 1983 by Bernard Chevilliat, a French biologist and beekeeper.

As France’s leading certified organic beauty brand, we are committed to creating organic products made with ingredients that bring you closer to nature with every use.

For more than 25 years, Melvita has been a passionate advocate for organic living and believe it is the key to our planet’s future.

Our products meet the strict natural and organic cosmetics criteria of ECOCERT, earning the ECOCERT certification and use of the Cosmébio label.

We use the finest ingredients from organically farmed and responsibly harvested sources, with respect of nature being our priority.

We NEVER have and never will test our products on animals.

We ensure that our packaging materials are completely recyclable.

We are involved in a pro-active approach to sustainable development, with preservation of environmental: beauty, biodiversity, and balance.

We make every effort to promote ethical, humane, and fair-trade partnerships. Employing growers from the indigenous areas in order to help them move towards economic self-sufficiency and stability.

Our products remain natural and organic, while feeling luxurious, and being extremely effective.

Melvita has over 250 certified organic products to provide pure and effective care everyday.

Made sustainably in our eco-factory in the south of France, Melvita products contain the most potent plant extracts, herbs and essential oils to revitalise and restore skin radiance.

Discover our wide range of certified organic face care, body care, toiletries, floral waters, beauty oils, food supplements and beehive products... all made with nature at heart.

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