Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gawkers, Glam and Gold, Gold, GOLD! Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012

Skin was as orange as the Tropicana ads currently peppering NYC’s subways. Excessively lengthy extensions were near powder white to match a slinky silken jacket, but clash against aforementioned overly-tanned skin. Shorts were barely there (question of their existence still lingers.) Strappy sandals were sky high, their twinkling gems competing with an already gleaming gold, mirrored runway. Sunglasses were as large as extensions were long, and worn indoors despite it being, quite obviously, night. Lips were plumped and puckered beyond the possibilities of an over-the-counter Lip Venom.
If you think this sounds like the work a New York Fashion Week designer might have sent down the runway, think again. While it’s no doubt that Cynthia Rowley’s show on Friday night at Lincoln Center featured unconventional materials and unexpected styles, the previous description can only be attributed to one person in attendance, and she was not a model…she was Lindsay Lohan.

It’s virtually impossible to talk about Rowley’s Spring 2012 show without getting hung up on the gal who stole it. Not to mention the brazen photographer who tried to steal a shot of her and was promptly escorted off the runway, (a runway that had been expressly protected from any non-model footstep as its mirrored finish was not to be tarnished prior to the show start) ripped of his camera and credentials, and quite surely his ego.
All NYFW presentations bring with them a fair share of celeb sightings, but typically they’re barely noted – all in attendance expect them as par for the course. But a Lilo sighting is what you call a sighting. And though our going to NYFW is about identifying trends, of course, we’d be remiss not to share the goss and churn the rumor mill by confirming that yes, she did resemble – slightly – the infamous Donatella Versace.
But now that we’ve sufficiently scrutinized Ms. Lohan’s attention-getting appearance, on to the show!
Starting with makeup…

Make Up For Ever’s Lottie keyed and created a sporty-style makeup to accompany an overall active look. Using the brand’s HD Foundation’s and concealers, she and her team created a flawless look for skin complemented by shading on the eyes and cheeks and a near nude lip. She used brownish shadows like number 76 and 98 (depending on the model’s skin town) for both the brow and upper cheek to contour, and said that even at home, eye shadows can be used in this way for cheek contour. As one of the makeup artists on the team approached with a model in tow to get approval on the makeup, Lottie analyzed closely, telling the artist she needed to take down the shadow near the brow so it wouldn’t look muddy. She also was careful to note that the cheek contour should only be accentuated near the models’ temples, not on the apples, thus creating a slightly more masculine and severe look to mesh with the sporty, slightly rocker-chic vibe.

The suggestion of that was further underscored by the hair, a creation by Sho for Amika hair products. Sho created waves in model’s hair using the Clip-free Curler wand in varying directions to create a messier, wavy look. He then used Amiko products like the 2-in-1 Shine Spray and the Curl Defining Cream to push hair back, away from the forehead and toward the crown, making the front area look “greasy,” resembling something of a biker or rocker. The intent was for it to look a few days old – hair that hadn’t been washed despite a few hardcore workouts.

After seeing the all the parts come together and walk down the runway, the makeup and hair made more sense. Rowley’s clothes were a mix between athletic, sporty cuts and feminine, glamorous accents. Gold appliques were predominant, mixing mostly with black and sometimes with white solids and floral prints. A standout piece was a short black dress, akin to a square-cut mesh, and another a black dress with gold, architectural-looking gold covering it.

Rowley used some unorthodox fabrics, such as what looked like scuba suit material (apparently she’s a surfer and we can assume she took some nods from the waves for these) for pants and some dresses. The best of her looks were the more feminine, such as a floral jacket which started the show, and a few skirts paired with oversized, flowing shirts for an easy, chic style.

Throughout the presentation we could decipher Lohan’s whispers to her mysterious friend saying “that’s cute,” and scowling slightly when she didn’t love an outfit. We can be sure she’s a Rowley fan though – her outfit, as Lilo-ified as it might have been – was the designer’s creation. We would have loved her style were it not for the too-long, too-white hair and too-orange skin. The jacket worked, the heels were pretty hot and the shorts, if they were in fact there, were trendy. You’re getting there, Lohan…sort of.

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