Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Formaldehyde Free Keratin treatment that delivers results!

Imagine a Formaldehyde Free Brazilian Keratin Straightening System that actually works!
NEW. Advanced Renewal by Keratherapy
0% Formaldehyde
0% Health Risk
100% Beautiful Straight Hair that your clients expect
Advanced Renewal significantly reduces curl or wave pattern without stripping color, eliminates frizz, repairs damaged hair and smoothes the cuticle.
Advanced Renewal System is a 3-step, formaldehyde free, keratin straightening system formulated with Amazon fruit extracts, pure keratin, essential oils, vitamins, amino acids, elastin and collagen. This unique formulation delivers rich nutrients, increases elasticity and shine, and improves manageability while leaving hair straighter and smoother.
Advanced Renewal System is compliant with the European Union (EU), Canada and all other health and safety regulations worldwide.
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  2. I enjoy your post and have found them very informative and enlightening. In response to this post, in my experience I’ve come to see the real issues with black women is their head ( mind) and not their hair.
    True empowerment is the ability to choose what you desire to do with your own hair,
    for your own reason and simply do it and feel good about you, period. That choice can be wigs, weaves, pony tails,
    1/2 caps, natural and bald! Until we embrace healing for our own intellect and person the black female will forever give permission to others to abuse her because of what? Her own hair choices! This is maddness! Check out my blog. I’m new just getting started,
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