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Top Ten Hair Trends for Fall 2011

Top Ten Hair Trends for Fall 2011

Hair Trends Fall 2011 Whether you want a casual look for running errands or a hairstyle that’s appropriate for the workplace, all top ten hair trends featured below can be completed in thirty minutes or less. So sit back, relax, and get your brush ready because these trends will get you excited to try something new this season.

Top Hair Trends for Fall 2011

Casual Hair Trends 2011

Jennifer Aniston Ponytail
This fall, throw on your skinny jeans, boots, and let your hair go a little wild. To achieve this look, throw your head over and spray your hair with hairspray. Then, flip your head back and place your hair in a ponytail, letting the strands fall wherever strikes their fancy.
The Loose Braid
Loose Braid
Hair News Network This is not the French braid you perfected in junior high. This is a loose, easy style that should take only five minutes to achieve. Part your hair on the side and bring the braid over your shoulder for a relaxed look that goes well with any casual outfit.
Honey Colored Highlights
Honey Highlights
One of the hottest hair trends this season is honey toned highlights. Ask your stylist to make the highlights chunky for a warm and layered look that’s perfect for the fall.

Workplace Hair Trends 2011

Thick Bangs
Thick Bangs
Add sophistication to your work attire by experimenting with thick bangs. The best part about this fall fashion trend is that you can easily alter it. If you decide that bangs don’t work with your facial structure, simply pull them to the back or side, and they should be gone by Christmas.
The Elegant Ponytail
Elegant Ponytail
Even a ponytail can be elegant if you create it the right way. Try hot rolling your hair (a la Princess Kate). Then, pull your hair all the way to the back of your head in a high ponytail, wrap it with a piece of your own hair, and secure with a clip or pin.
Twist & Pin
Twist Pin
It’s quite possibly the simplest way to achieve an elegant and classic look at work. To keep the hair off your face, simply part your hair down the side, grab a small piece, twist, secure with a bobby pin, and you’re done.

Hair Trends for a Night Out

Put a Feather In It
Feather Hair {Source}
While there are many versions of this fall fashion trend, try pairing a smaller feather with a classic up do for a fancy dinner or a night out dancing.
Head Wraps
Head wraps are back in full force this season. Enjoy the updated look by selecting one in a shimmery metallic with rhinestones that’s just perfect for a night out with friends. If you’re a woman of color, try wrapping your hair ala Nina Simone in traditional wax print cloth.
The Messy Bun
Messy Bun
This hairstyle is similar to the messy ponytail, but more appropriate for the evening. For a dramatic look, part your hair down the middle to create the bun, rather than pulling all of your hair back.


Wig it Up
Wigs are the easiest way to get the hair you want, without the drama of having to actually go to the salon. Look for lace cap wigs that give you a realistic hairline or if you want to use your own hair, opt for a removable “half weave” that easily mixes with your natural hair.

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