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Salon Platinum Black Makes Debut September 24th in Brentwood

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  Salon Platinum Black Makes Debut September 24th in Brentwood
September 24th, Salon Platinum Black makes its official debut in the trendy area of Brentwood, California.
Salon Platinum Black is the newest concept salon designed by Michael M. Haase, Senior Artistic Director for Unite Eurotherapy and former Creative Director of the famed Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills.

Salon Platinum Black is the newest concept salon designed by Michael M. Haase, Senior Artistic Director for Unite Eurotherapy and former Creative Director of the famed Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills.

Growing up in the European circus, Haase gathered much of his unique “flavor” for design from his travels throughout Europe, where freedom of expression is encouraged.

Self-confidence and technical skill are a must at Salon Platinum Black. Haase’s experienced team of stylists are passionate about creating looks that are tailored to fit the individual, radiating their true beauty and creating an experience unparalleled to the typical salon visit.

No detail was overlooked in the design aesthetics of Salon Platinum Black, as every inch of the 1900 square foot salon is a festival for the eyes.
The design was influenced by The Palace of Versaille and the film, A Clockwork Orange.
By combining the two architectural elements-it resulted in a synergy between the past and the modern.

Reception chairs are adorned with hair that resemble the iconic artists Andy Warhol, Cher, and Iggy Pop; they welcome guests into the lobby.
Red shag carpet covers an accent wall in the lobby area and ebony stained oak floors envelope the space. Salon Platinum Black is an artist’s playground that excites the client and encourages creativity for all stylists.

Salon Platinum Black was named after the philosophy Haase has guided his career with which states: Hairdressing is a journey through the many grey areas of design, using our passion to search for the true balance of shape.
The lightest of lights being platinum and the darkest of darks being black, we continuously educate ourselves to eliminate the grey areas between the two in matters of hair design. The synergy of cut, color, style, use of products and technical skill, bring us to the balance of design; visually and conceptually we create perfection or a look that is…PLATINUM BLACK.
More info from Michael M. Haase:

My history as many know is quite colorful, from being in the Circus to travels throughout Europe searching out my mentors to become a hairdresser with multiple disciplines…I met so many willing to help, thanks to them, all have a part in the creation of this salon. There have been opportunities to open many times but I suppose it’s all about timing and location. My last stop working in Beverly Hills, I realized the city had changed from when I began with Vidal Sassoon in 1970. Of course the number of years that had gone by for sure but also the quality. It gave me a feeling that clients really will settle if a name is on the door. Impressive but unfortunate. The quality of hairdressing has been diluted by fame and this has caused a ripple effect in the industry. Many will work for free to style the famous. I felt that if I was to open a salon filled with dedicated hairdressers with the talent and skill to share their knowledge with others, and service the client with integrity, that would be a refreshing change. The plan began…

Years ago I began thinking…what would be the type of salon I would love to work in? Really creative influence, visual stimulation on a daily basis,
filled with like-minded hairdressers committed to the craft, and minimal if any drama, very tough in this industry. In the end it’s all about the clients happiness and the team that helps create that.
I started thinking about my inspirations throughout my career; where do I get my ideas?
I thought how cool would it be to put together my favorite movies and architecture from the gayety period throughout Europe. “The Palace of Versailles” and the film, “A Clockwork Orange” immediately came to mind. Salon Platinum Black was created to be such a space…

Taking into consideration the Environment with recycling for all color products including foil from highlights and the tubes and boxes we use, to a recycled floor and lighting. All the wall colors have the word metal in them since metallics are a strong visual in the salon. The architecture so far has

been of interest to onlookers from Dwell, Hair and Architectural Digest Magazines, quite a nice thing. The Lobby chairs also had to have a strong iconic importance so adorning them with hair made complete sense. Iggy Pop, Cher, and Andy Warhol became staples for client reception.

I realized one of the most important things in a salon is lighting and usually it’s missing in the middle of the room. So I brought in cylindrical lights for the stations that produce a soft glow to the face and the interior of the room. It was part of the experience with light that brought me to the next important subject, sound. There is always an echo through out and to solve this the ceiling has 25 foam pads attached to it to dissolve the noise if you will.

Finally, the team. The hairdressing industry is filled with an incredible amount of talent and creative excitement, however, the work ethic is the key. Hairdressers are a dime a dozen, but WANTING to work on your career is rare. From hairdressers working for free for the promise of an image from a shoot to build their books to clients shopping around the look of their favorite celebrity, this industry has become a bargain hunter’s paradise. For the work that we do and the search for the education that helps us grow, quality has a price.”

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