Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 Ways To Boost Brown Hair

Who says brunettes don’t have fun too?  Think about your favorite brown-headed celebrity… Is it Eva Longoria?  Kate Middleton?  Kelly Clarkson?  Or maybe Selena Gomez?  No matter who your brown-headed beauty icon may be, they all show there are plenty of ways to spice up your chocolaty look and give serious boost to your brown locks!  Here are five easy ways to enhance your brunette status:

1.  Utilize a shine spray or serum to smooth over your locks.  Brunettes have the ability over all shades to really boost the shine factor for their hair.  Use a great product like  TIGI Bedhead Brunette Goddess Shine Spray so your hair can catch light as well as an envious eye as you toss your head in confidence!

2.  Use color-enhancing products to bring out the best in your brown tresses!  We highly recommend Aveda’s all natural color enhancing product line.  The Clove color shampoo and conditioner smell heavenly and work to enhance your natural brown tones.

3.  Bump up the fun with blonde highlights!  Play with a variety of shades from dirty blonde to platinum to create your own unique look.  If you do opt for blonde highlights, we definitely recommend having a professional stylist make the change for you so are assured the hue of blonde you expect.

4.  Rev up with RED tones to give your brown tresses a stunning new look.  Hues of dark red and auburn can add depth to your locks while a coppery red tone can really brighten your overall look.

5.  Subtle highlights of chestnut, ash and caramel add depth and interest to your existing color and can be added in the form of highlights or lowlights depending upon your overall hue.  Try a mix of both high and lowlights for an eye-catching look!
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